About Us

Serenity Yoga Studio is a space to breathe, grow and relax. A place that holds an atmosphere for you attune physically and mentally to your highest potential. It is our intention to create a pristine space dedicated to health and well-being. Each of our locations is designed in harmony with nature: we integrate the elements in our space through the use of color, wood flooring, water fountains, heated practice studios and more.

Located in downtown San Francisco, on the corner of bustling Lennox and Richmond, the SerenityStudio offers showers, a large private changing area, two studios and all the charm we can muster. Our two large and sunny studios bring the joy to Yoga. We offer enough classes to accommodate all schedules.

When the private elevator opens into the 4000-square-foot, spa-like oasis, you immediately feel transformed. Accented by nature with the use of exotic materials like African marble, mango, and oak wood, the scene before you is filled with natural sunlight, creating an amazing aura as hundreds of windowpanes release magnificent rays of light energy to warm the body and lift the soul. Spectacular plant life is at the centre, with live trees to release fresh oxygen and provide a true “energy exchange.”

The décor and atmosphere at Serenity Yoga Studio was inspired by all things beautiful. We kept the furnishings in a natural state to provide the perfect yoga practice environment. The studio is often referred to as ‘The Lounge’ because you can come and decompress before a class or relax after class in the beautiful lounge area, which is stocked with a full library of yoga books and magazines for everyone’s reading pleasure. These reading materials are an excellent reference and originate from the top teacher training programs in the world. Susan Emery, owner of Serenity Studio, says, “I wanted to create the most auspicious space for a yoga practice – an aura that allows one to find what it is they are looking for from yoga – an ideal place to practice yoga.”

Serenity Yoga Studio is now in its seventh year. It is open seven days a week to provide more than forty classes and workshops. We offer a very comprehensive yoga program that ebbs and flows to assist the mind and body in adapting to the ever-changing environment we live in. Weekly classes range from gentle restorative to stretch yoga (a studio favourite), progressing to a hatha practice that often threads Iyengar elements, which raise consciousness of the importance of anatomy and alignment. Ashtanga/vinyasa is a flow of yoga postures and is also a studio favourite. This type of practice can give even those already in good physical condition a serious workout.

Whatever your preference,Serenity Yoga Studio’’s class schedule is designed to offer a full range of yoga systems to accommodate the various needs and desires of the individual. There are also more advanced workshops to focus on a person’s growth and evolution that naturally comes over time. Some of the top yoga masters in the world have come to the studio to conduct workshops and seminars for advanced study.

The heart and soul of any yoga studio is found in their teachers.Serenity Studio teachers each live the life of a yogi; they are always in on-going training with the masters. The instructors were chosen for the graceful qualities they carry through life. The teachers at Serenity Studio understand the importance of setting realistic goals for their client’s practice to allow them the opportunity to enjoy the journey. They strongly believe it is this journey where the joy in life resides and this is really where yoga is at. The true test of the yoga experience is how you feel afterward: centred and refreshed with a new energy that emanates from within – a new life force! Out instructors often comment on how amazing it is to watch clients discover their ability to create a sense of well being within them.