Hatha Level 1 & 2

  •   Gentle Yoga that reinforces your body in a delicate way
  •   Hatha puts emphasis on both – breathing techniques and physical development
  •   Explanations are given about the best way to combine breathing and asanas
  •   Teacher assistants will make personal adjustments during the class
  •   There will be short explanatory sessions before and after the class









Mackie is filled with gratitude for this wonderful practice and to her many teachers and friends, especially Chloë Chung Misner, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Gil Hedley, Tiffany Fraser, Noah Maze, and Darren Rhodes. For her Yoga is so much more than just an exercise, it is a profound spiritual journey. She is a “somanaut”, a dedicated explorer of inner space, investigating the experience of human embodiment. Mackie is excited and passionate about yoga and is eager to teach people.


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I am a strong fiercely independent woman with fire in her belly that lives to travel and enjoys moving through the world savoring new delights on each adventure. In 2006 I found my home at City Yoga and embarked on a training with Noah Maze and Anthony Benenati. It was during my apprenticeship with Anthony that I discovered my real interest was the power of touch and the healing aspects of yoga. Since that time I have trained extensively with Judith Hanson.


Meet our Team





I began practicing yoga in my hometown of New York City when a friend invited me to a class at Alan Finger’s studio “Be Yoga” in 2000. There and then, I began a dedicated practice of ISHTA yoga. I was an eager and avid student and my passion for the practice of yoga developed quickly. A 2004 relocation to the West Coast brought the Anusara practice into my life. Since then, I have studied with a number of world-renowned teachers of Anusara Yoga including its founder, John Friend.


Meet our Team