Mysore | Open Practice

  •   The class is not “led” as a whole, it is your personal time to fine-tune the movements
  •   Students practice their own sequence of asanas at their own pace
  •   The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments & verbal instruction
  •   Each student is practicing their yoga routine according to their ability











It is a privilege and an honour for her to be able to guide and share her knowledge and love of yoga. The yoga journey is never-ending, and so she continually strives to study and refine her practice for herself and for the benefit of all. Most recently, Lulie completed a Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training program, because she believes that yoga is accessible and beneficial for everyone.


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Dave Collangelo has developed a program that stresses the importance of regular exercise, muscle building and nutrition. His approach includes the most effective ways to achieve a physically fit body, a healthy mindset, and self confidence. He has been privileged to work with several well-known celebrities including Valerie Pringle, Michael Lansberg, Leslie Jones, and Camilla Scott.


Meet our Team