Yoga Jam

  •   A yoga class devoted to the spirit of improvisation
  •   Novel ways of combining and transitioning through postures
  •   See how the unexpected can yield exhilarating results
  •   Teacher assistants will make personal adjustments during the class
  •   There will be short explanatory sessions before and after the class









It is a privilege and an honour for her to be able to guide and share her knowledge and love of yoga. The yoga journey is never-ending, and so she continually strives to study and refine her practice for herself and for the benefit of all. Most recently, Lulie completed a Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training program, because she believes that yoga is accessible and beneficial for everyone.


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Dave Collangelo has developed a program that stresses the importance of regular exercise, muscle building and nutrition. His approach includes the most effective ways to achieve a physically fit body, a healthy mindset, and self confidence. He has been privileged to work with several well-known celebrities including Valerie Pringle, Michael Lansberg, Leslie Jones, and Camilla Scott.


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In pursuit of a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and an interest in complimentary therapies, Rosalia Delfino completed her diploma in acupuncture and is currently working towards her doctoral in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Teaching Yin Yoga allows her to blend the two things she loves (yoga and TCM) and share it with everybody.


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